Angels and Guides Gathering

Angels and Guides Gatherings

WHAT IF YOU HAD…..a powerful, loving and wise advisory team at your beckon call?

An “A” team that will give you a bigger view, a new perspective to any challenging opportunity you may be facing in your life. Uplifting you from chaos to peace.

  • What if you knew that life was FOR you, not against you?
  • What if all you had to do was ask and listen?
  • What if you took the time to build a strong connection of deep intimacy with your team? As you would any important relationship/partnership in your life.

If you are curious about how to OPEN up to what would be possible in cultivating and building this partnership then join me as I share my journey with you of how I opened to and discovered my magnificent team of GUIDES, ASCENDED MASTERS, ANGELS, ANCIENT ONES, ANCESTORS and STAR LINEAGE. One thing I know for sure is that the veils between heaven and earth have lifted and we NOW have access to our support team like never before! I was guided (TOLD) to share my experiences with you at this very extraordinary and challenging time.

YOU will explore and discover how YOU best connect and hear your divine guidance!

  • Do I believe and know that I have access to divine realms?
  • Is it a skill I can develop or do I have to be gifted with it?
  • How can I trust the messages I receive?
  • How do I distinguish between my guides voice and other voices in my head?
  • How do I deepen my intimate partnership with my guides, angels and ascended masters?