F--K It Manifesto by Susan Glavin

YOUR Kick Ass Guide to Liberation!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? This book is a living, breathing experience. All 65 F–K ITS and the accompanying powerful questions will propel you back to the genuine you! Give yourself the kick in the ass you need to start liberating your life from limitations and expectations.

It’s time for women/men warriors to step onto the front lines and powerfully dismiss the BS and embody a NEW way of BEING on this planet. If you are ready to take a stand for your life, and for those you love, you are invited to say F–K IT to that which no longer serves you and is no longer is in resonance with your heart and soul.


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“The F–K IT Manifesto opens up those questions we women struggle with each and everyday. It addresses the labels we’ve been given that keep us stuck in roles that no longer serve us, that keep us small and unfulfilled. This little book will give you the opportunity to discover what really matters…and allows you to step out and find your personal truth and unveil your purpose and your joy! Great Read!!!” – Pamela Holdahl, Author and Poet

“Powerful, in-your-face, authentic truth-telling. Susan Glavin calls a spade a spade and invites us to break free from the limits we’ve kept ourselves chained to for too long. The F–IT Manifesto will light a fire of inspiration within you to live free in love and truth and the highest possibility that your soul is calling you to realize. I’m in!” – Carolyn Ellis, Visual Facilitator and Coach, BrillianceMastery.com