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Merging Dualities Women’s Retreat

Dates: Friday June 10th through Sunday June 12th
Registration Fee: $277.00


About This Retreat
Get off the grid, into Momma nature and surround yourself with extraordinary women. This 2 1/2 day retreat is designed to merge our inherit dualities allowing the birth of something unimaginable, profound and life evolving for all of us.

Experience laughter, song and play while basking in the beauty of Altan, 150 acres of sacred land on the White Salmon. We will be holding our sacred circle in a beautiful yurt, practicing Kundalini yoga under the trees and enjoying gourmet, vegan cuisine in the morning sun and under the stars. You will have the option to sleep at the cabin, yurt or outside in the arms of Momma Nature. Limited to 12 amazing women!

You will get the opportunity to experience:

  • The Unity Ceremony – merging duality and separation
  • Tachyon energy – faster than the speed of light
  • Create your living Intent
  • Honor it all
  • Master of your words
  • Tantric Breath
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Intuitive Art
  • Create your power wand

Bring all of who you are, your light, your gifts, your talents and medicine along with your doubt, your fears, your shame and desperation as together we transcend suffering in our lives and our planet through merging duality and Joyful living.

Meet Your Hosts

Susan Glavin
Author, Speaker and Divine Human


It has been an honor and privilege for me to hold sacred circles for women over the past 8 years. I have witnessed the incredible transformation that occurs when women circle together with the intent to love, nurture, and empower each other. To be heard, honored and cherished no matter where you are on your journey is a fundamental human need. I have been guided to and know that now is the time to gather all of who we are and bring about a profound shift on our planet. Come Goddesses, High Priestesses and Shaman together we shall begin the merging of duality, ending judgement and suffering on our planet through joyful living.

Jas Paul
Yoga Instructor


Jas Pal has been teaching Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, since 1994. He first taught in Los Angeles CA, then Oregon City OR, Portland OR,Haiku Maui HI, and now teaches at Breathe Yoga in Vancouver WA.His focus is to open all to their individual gifts (True Self), and to realize our connection to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky; Finite to Infinity; Within and Without, using the Wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. Jas Pal’s favorite saying is “Live with an Open Heart guided by an Open Mind and Allow All to be Delivered to You”.

Sarah Richards
Ecstatic Dance


I AM Sarah May Richards and I LOVE to dance! It is my spiritual practice, my meditation! I can find stillness AND rapture when I dance! When my spirit feels contracted, I dance into expansion! When I am un-grounded, I dance to get back in my body, my temple! When I dance I feel uncensored, boundless and in my power! It is such an honor to share this spirit driven force with other souls who are on a quest to empower their lives, heal their wounds and live their wildest dreams!

Donna Nixzi
Culinary Arts


My favorite place to hang out and create is…..the KITCHEN. I also take time to write, read, garden, lead ceremony and travel. But the KITCHEN is where my creativity and inspiration thrive. I love preparing healthy, tasty plant-based dishes and meals because my desire is to assist the transformation happening on our earth today. If I can support in any way a plant-based diet and all it’s benefits, then I feel blessed and grateful and I know I am living my purpose…with passion. I believe that food IS our medicine and using that ancient wisdom knowledge, I prepare all of my dishes.