Soul Juice


Get your monthly Soul Juice with Susan Glavin, author, inspired speaker, master and just plain human…”I was called, (TOLD) over 5 yrs. ago to gather women at my home. I had no idea why at the time that saying Yes to this request would forever change my life. I witnessed miracles in the lives of many women who had a safe and sacred place where they could be heard, honored and cherished no matter where they were in there lives. I am honored to be on the planet at this most challenging and extraordinary time. I invite you to join in, have faith, be courageous, clasp the hand next to you and powerfully move forward in the grace of a circle.”


YOU will:

– Examine where you are in your life right now.

– Be in powerful questions and exploration, such as:

  • Have you stopped growing, wishing, dreaming? Do you awake each morning excited for what’s possible?
  • Have you settled for ordinary, comfortable?
  • Do you know how powerful you are when it comes to you experiencing your life in ease, grace and flow?
  • Is your beautiful, creative energy scattered and unfocused always managing your life from the outside in?
  • Do you know what loving yourself means and how it would look and show up in your life?

Be ready to discover what you don’t know, you don’t know!

Join us every month in a sacred circle where you will have the opportunity to practice being and speaking your true authentic self. You will receive powerful insights and actions to take that will bring you in alignment with what you choose to experience in life. Be ready to stand in your power and grace with no apologies or justifications.

The time is now to bring our powerful, brilliant, magnificent energies together and empower and inspire each others lives. The monthly conversation and support will propel you on your destined journey, knowing that you have the strength of your fellow goddesses to hold you in your highest.
This monthly Soul Juice event is for women who are ready to kick some butt, (their own) and stand in the fullness of who they truly are ongoingly!