Who am I? I am here to inspire and support you in being the highest and greatest expression of who you truly are. One of the ways in which I do that is to teach people how to consciously use the power of energy to deliberately create their lives.

I came into this earthly plane and I hit the ground running. What do I mean by this? There was no safety and I was basically scared of life. I faced many tough challenges as a child that propelled me on a journey to fix the broken me I believed I was. This journey supported the evolution of who I am today.

By the way…I wouldn’t change a minute of it, because today I know without a doubt that this was part of my destiny. I believe we all have a destiny yet not everyone has the courage to follow it. I have a deep faith & trust in my divine guidance. This is what supports me in making the tough decisions in my life. The ones that take courage.

I know that when I follow what is in my highest and greatest good, that it is also in everyone else’s highest and greatest good. This is who I am. I know tomorrow could be a different story because the soul is always evolving, bringing me closer to the life that is more than I can truly imagine. Believe me, I imagine BIG! As I continue to discover and know my magnificence, I am called to share that evolutionary process with you, and nothing brings me more joy than to experience you experiencing your magnificence. I dig you gettin’ you!

I have had the pleasure and honor to have spent the last 35 years participating in self awareness and discovery courses, from Transcendental Meditation, EST Training, Landmark Education, Introduction to the Forum Leaders Program, Peak Potentials, Certification at the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, and the Self Discovery Life Mastery Program, to name a few. One of my passions has been to travel the world to sacred places where I have deepened my intuitive abilities and discovered my innate ability to empower others.

Through Love, Imagination and Intention, anything is possible.