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Are you leaking energy?


Is it time to seal up some leaks?
Many times when we are scattered and struggling to keep our focus on our dreams and desires, it is because we are leaking energy! What do I mean by leaking energy?
When we are avoiding the things that need our attention and putting them off – procrastinating, we leak energy!
As an example, let’s say your car needs service, maybe you need your teeth cleaned, or you haven’t had that much needed conversation with a friend or family member. Perhaps your office or garage needs to be organized, or you haven’t returned that library book.  And how about that shopping bag with the clothes you haven’t returned? Or home repairs, balancing your check book, paying back money you owe, or making agreements to do so.  And even asking for money that is owed to you.
Every time you get in your car and think about NOT getting it serviced you pour a cup of your energy, brushing your teeth. another cup, walk by your office, another cup. Look at the shopping bag in your closest, another cup!  Pretty soon your thoughts are consumed with what you haven’t done and need to do…which leaves very little energy for focusing on FUN!
If you have been avoiding taking care of these every day types of things, YOU are leaking!  You are expending your precious energy on what you haven’t done instead of what’s really important in your life…energy to create!
So make a list of the things that are robbing you of your focus and notice how you feel as you look at the list (overwhelmed, frustrated, angry at yourself for letting it get out of hand).  Now is not the time to get the bat out and beat yourself with it!  That would be counter productive.  Give yourself some love for making the list and your willingness to take action and start sealing up the leaks one at a time.  I highly recommend getting a “leak buddy” to partner up with.  This can be a huge inspiration to get you going!
Then notice how you feel when you stop avoiding and start sealing!
You will notice how much energy you have to focus on the things that make you feel good.
Remember it’s all about focused energy and keepin’ your heart vibration HIGH! 
Have fun sealing!

How to Create Extraordinary Relationships

Focused Intent pays off…
Over the past four years, I have been blessed to create & participate in various women’s circles. I’m sharing with you what came out of this experience for me: the 5 Virtues of Extraordinary Relationships.

The circles, for me, are a great place to clearly see where I may not be empowering myself not just in a circle or with the women in them, yet in my thoughts, actions and behaviors outside of it! Upon realizing this over the years, these virtues came to me. And I use the principles in all of my relationships now.  It was a beautiful thing to see the power of the circles start to seep into my day to day life. I feel the time is NOW for us to implement the 5 Virtues into our daily life and relationships…let’s bring heaven to earth!

Please enjoy the FREE Download and share it with the world!

Master YOUR Energy!

How can you Master your energy?

Everything in the universe is energy and emits a frequency or vibration from low & slow, to high & fast. We live in a field of electromagnetic energy. Your body, your environment, the people around you are ALL vibrating. This is something that you inherently already know.

Think about the people you are around that are genuinely up beat, happy & excited about life, and those who are crotchety, complaining and never have anything good to say. It’s easy to feel the difference in there energy from high vibration to low simply by being with them. Which one are you being?

Everything you say, the thoughts you think, and the choices you make create what is showing up in your environment! And where do these actions come from? Our feelings!

The most powerful of all the energies is the energy of feelings, which energetically come through our hearts. Did you know that the energy of the heart can be 100 times more powerful electrically and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically, than the brain? Which means that when you authentically have feelings of a high vibration like, love, passion, appreciation & harmony, you’re in alignment with your heart, which makes you FEEL good, bringing positive “I can have it all” thoughts to you. Get this and you, my friends, have hit the jack pot when it comes to creating the life you most desire! You are now on the path to being in alignment with your joy. The trick, of course, is to stay there!!!

It takes practice. My invitation to you this month is to be aware of the words you speak, the thoughts you have and most importantly how you feel! This is an exercise in curiosity. This is not the time to beat yourself up for what you say, think or feel. This is a time of discovery. You can start by making a commitment to “no complaining”. I guarantee you will see miraculous results in your life with this simple yet challenging exercise.

When you are aware of what vibration you are emitting, you have the opportunity to change it. If you choose to take this on, remember to BE KIND to yourself. New ways of being in the world is a process of discovery. Be patient.