Can you believe we are almost in the 2020 vibe?!

As a kid 2020 was more science fiction than reality, and here we are.

Ask how can you be OPEN to what’s present now and in 2020?What’s right in front of you today and in the days to come, and where do your super powers live?

One practice that I have been doing is witnessing what are the stories I have that have served their purpose? What are the inner and outer narratives that have run their course?

Here are some of the stories that I am putting a BIG “The End” to:

  • That I have to make my relationships work, even if they are no longer fulfilling, loving and genuine.
  • That I’m not really capable of bringing forth a team of amazing people to fulfill my/our greatest destiny.
  • That I struggle with social media and it’s harmful effects.
  • That I’m not technical.
  • That I should have done things differently.
  • And I’m still looking…want to put these kids to bed!

Once you can identify what is ready to be vaporized, all that energy can be recycled for something awesome! Then, you can be more present and in the Now!

If you find your thoughts going to the old story line, you can call your energy back home….literally command it back! You are a powerful being, so use it to benefit your life and all those around you! Have fun putting “The End” on those old, worn out stories. Thank them for their gifts and being of service, and let them retire!

Note: We are going into a #4 year- 2020 2+2= 4

That means - Emphasis on the heart, neutrality, compassion, true acceptance, forgiving and creating a dynamic life in the divine flow and grace of our beloved… doesn’t that sound yummy!

Time be BE in the question- What’s the right thing for ME?

My knowing is that whatever is in YOUR greatest good, is ALWAYS in everyone's greatest good!

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