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Invocation Process for Clearing Energy

This beautiful invocation process came to me 7yrs. ago and was given to me by the Arcturians. Our highly evolved star family from the planet Arcturus.


This powerful invocation will give you tremendous inner peace and joy when it comes to relationships in your life.
The intent is for you to release any low vibrations you are having about other people in your life. Then replacing them with a vibration you most desire to experience with regards to your relationships.


Please read entire invocation before you begin
Prepare a sacred space with candles, flowers, sacred items. Bring whatever feels right for you.
Get relaxed and take some deep grounding breathes.
Call upon your beloved, infinite, absolute pure source. God, cosmos, universe, whatever feels right for you.
Ask your "A" team to be present during this powerful invocation ceremony, your angels, guides, ascended masters, ancient ones, star families, your ancestors who have walked before you.


I have given a list of words below with each them first then allow them to naturally emerge along with your own in sacred ceremony.


Turn your head slightly to the right (abstract thinking) and keep it to the right until the completion of each invocation


I invite you to do this invocation for yourself first.....
Any discordant thoughts you may have or feel about yourself


Have a person you have been having challenges or issue with come into your awareness. 
I have found that each person in your life where there is any discord will naturally be brought into your awareness. You can do this invocation for each one until no one arises and you feel complete.


I know transcend into the light of love all......
Allow whatever you are feeling, seeing or thinking come into your awareness. Allow the words to come forth that are congruent with your thoughts and feelings around this relationship, Say them out load, VOID of judgements, HONORING them all. Be present to each one as they come in.


Examples of discordant words and vibrations
blame, hatred, shame, competition, comparison, lack, regret, unkind actions, thoughts and feelings, comparison, lack, betrayal, anger, sadness, opposition, resistance, mis-understandings, unworthiness, mis-communications, rage, dishonesty, disappointments, distrust, unrest, greed, envy, un-forgiveness, with held love, jealously,discord, judgements, failures, self loathing, mistakes, pain.


When you feel complete you then say WITH my beloved, (the person you are doing the clearing)..... (NAME).

You can now experience and say out load the second invocation
I now Invoke.....
Allow all the words that you see, feel and think that you are now calling forth into this relationship. Allow all that you intend to arise naturally.
When you feel complete you then say WITH my beloved (NAME).

Examples of high vibrational words.
Love, compassion, honesty, truth, grace, honoring, trust, laughter, fun, passion, understanding, forgiveness, faith, abundance, joy, harmony, peace, knowing, connection, collaboration, pleasure, play, creativity, sensuality, song, balance, support, empowerment, kindness, knowledge, wisdom, trust, inspiration, tenderness, nurturing, safety, adoration, power, unity, freedom, gratitude, prosperity, healing, beauty, blessings, appreciation etc.


Now rest in the knowing that you have given great blessings to yourself and all your relations.

 Complete the invocation with......IT IS SAID, IT IS SO!


BE in reverent gratitude for your courageous magnificence.
You may find that you experience thoughts and feelings from this ceremony transcending back to source throughout your day, weeks. Allow them, notice them floating from your energetic field.

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