• "We all have a destiny, not everyone has the courage to follow it."

    ~ Susan Glavin

  • Ways to Create and Connect with Susan

    Are you ready and willing to swim in a pool of your own authentic vibration?

    Susan Glavin

    Modern Day Mastery Weekends

    Experience the Life you were born to LIVE!

    Next: April 6-7, 2019

    Vancouver, Washington (near Portland, OR)

    Imagine spending a weekend nourishing and connecting to your Inner Soul + Spirit, deep diving to receive the pearls of wisdom and love inside you. Let's create a sacred space together to energize your heart and radiate even more of what makes you come alive! The time to be the Master of your Reality is NOW!


    What You’ll Experience:

    • Your True Authentic energy and how to deliberately co-create the life you were born to live
    • Simple, Powerful tools and exercises to reconnect you with your Spirit
    • Get to know the Magnificence of you more deeply than you ever have. You are so much more than you know.
    • Begin to magnetize your Soul Team, the people that truly get you, your purpose, your vision and your heart’s desires
    • You’ll tap into your deep innate wisdom to break out of stuck patterns
    • You will leave knowing your value and worth and how to bring forth the magnificent life you may not have known was possible.

    This is for You if:

    • You are ready to discover and claim your powerful potent energy.
    • Release vows of victimhood and self sabotage.
    • You are ready to once and for all, put a “The End” to those old excuses, patterns and stories
    • You want to receive clarity on that burning desire that’s been locked away inside you
    • Declare, command and claim your power and take initiative in creating and designing your Soul Ignited life.

    What’s Included:

    • Powerful Energetic Activations
    • Sacred Ceremony
    • Energy Clearing + Releases
    • Daily Kundalini Yoga Movement
    • Deep intimate self exploration exercises
    • Journaling
    • Guided Meditation
    • Partner Exploration
    • Connecting with your Guides + Spiritual Team
    • Sound Healing

    Listen to Susan Talk about the MDM Workshop!

    Susan Glavin private sessions

    1-on-1 Self Mastery Sessions

    Self Mastery sessions are designed to support the movement of stuck energy, patterns and beliefs. With focused movement this stuck energy will begin to flow and move freely to your desired intent. These sessions are organic in nature and address a challenge you are experiencing in the moment. These sessions can also be in a series to help you bring forth one of your deepest heart’s desires.


    My personal experience has been that we have patterns and old beliefs that continue to play out in our lives. Once we become aware of the pattern or belief, we then have the ability change and transform this energy pattern thereby giving us the freedom to create and direct our energy to our desired goals and aspirations.


    There are times where I am guided to give you discovery work to complete. These discoveries may also require additional Self Mastery sessions for support. The results in your life are truly beyond your current experience of reality!


    I am very aware of the power of intent. Our intent is like a laser beam that is sent out before us. A powerful, magnetic force that brings the conscious and subconscious mind in alignment with your desires. During your Self Mastery Session, you will be guided to discover your top 5 intents for living a fulfilling, exciting and empowered life.


    I am not interested in having you be dependent of on me for your power. This manifestation can only come from you. I will not hand hold or hold you accountable, it is up to you to do the work and get back to me before we can move forward.


    ~ We will engage in rich, deep conversation to discover what is inhibiting the flow of energy.


    ~ You will experience movement of low frequency energy into a higher vibrational energy providing you with alignment of your true heart’s desires.


    ~ You will be guided to discover and embrace your top 5 intents for living a fulfilling, exciting and empowered life.


    My intent is to inspire, support and empower you to live the greatest expression of who you truly are...fully.

    All sessions take place on Zoom

    The cost per session is $188


    Book 3 sessions for $444


    Contact Susan directly for multiple sessions

    Retreat with Susan Glavin - Qamea Resort in Fiji

    Self Mastery Retreats!!

    Next Retreat: Sept. 7-14, 2019 in FIJI at the Qamea Resort & Spa!

    Imagine spending relaxing days, soaking up the sun on the islands of Fiji while deep diving to connect with your Spirit, igniting that passionate fire inside of you. Awaken the internal life force energy that gifts you with creative ideas and consistent sustainable energy all day long. Take a moment out of your perhaps busy life that may be filled with other people’s agendas, to slow down and see what is really and truly for you? What is it that you authentically want to create in this lifetime? What unique life were you born to live? Are there secret dreams still hidden inside of you that you’re ready to bring to life?

    Retreat with Susan Glavin - Qamea Resort in Fiji

    This Fiji Retreat is designed for:

    Leaders, creatives and visionaries who are ready to step into their next level of self mastery, soul fulfillment and excellence. Understanding how to consciously direct and manage our own energy as well as the things we do that affect the people and environment around us supports us in moving forward faster while staying charged up and fulfilled every step of the journey. This course will teach you where you are unconsciously leaking precious creative energy and how to turn up your creative juices. Simple tools and techniques to live a Soul infused, ignited life.


    If you'd like to get your name on the list for more info and booking information, click down to Contact Me Box and let me know! I'll send to you as soon as available!

  • Who is Susan Glavin?

    Fierce with the Suffering, Compassionate with the Heart

    Susan Glavin - Spiritual teacher

    A morsel about me: I came into this world and hit the ground running. What I mean by this is I experienced all the abuses a child could; physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual. This was my great catalyst for reaching and discovering who I am and why I am here.


    It's the journey I have taken to fix what I thought was terribly bad and broken that has brought me to the place I stand today. Powerful, peaceful and in joy for every experience. I have diligently looked for and received the gifts of my past and my now present moment.


    Through countless courses, workshops, certifications, programs and modalities around the world, none was more potent than learning that my experience and knowledge is that I am not bad or broken. I was living the life I came here to live...FULLY. To experience all of who I am whether on my knees in pain or in joyous bliss.


    One of my greatest gifts has been the gift of forgiveness, for myself and others. I KNOW that anything can be healed and forgiven, for this I am forever grateful. I am convicted in my commitment to witness humanity declaring and claiming their sovereign mastery. From this place we can revolutionize the suffering into joyous expression. Stand with me as together we discover and execute our greatest potential.


    IN-JOY, Susan Glavin

    About Susan Glavin

    Journey, education and certifications

    Spiritual teacher and student for over 30 years

    • Transcendental Meditation
    • Landmark education, Introduction to the forum leaders program
    • EST training

    • Numerous Peak Potential trainings

    • Certification at the Ford Institute of Integrative coaching

    • Self Discovery Mastery Program

    • Passion Test facilitator

    • Psyck-K Practitioner

    • Reiki Master

    • Most importantly the many lessons and gifts of LIFE

  • What People Say.....

    About Modern Day Mastery at work in people's lives!

    Chrissy T. in Vancouver, WA

    I had the most powerful experiences with Susan and Samantha. Their infinite love and guidance was palpable and has forever changed my life. They gave me the tools to tap into my own beautiful, divine power and I can’t wait to share this work!

    Brooke M, in Portland, OR

    Magic. Pure magic. Two days of immersing yourself in love and energy. You have created something so beautiful and I am honored to be witness to it. I felt so lost and alone when I started the course. Now I am leaving with a tribe. This experience has changed my life.

    Ashley F. in Vancouver, WA

    At first i felt intimidated, I don’t belong here” I now feel more connected to spirit and appreciate I am like everyone else, a powerful being and the way I live my life effects the universe.

    Nicole N. in Vancouver, WA

    I would say “Yes” to Modern Day Mastery. This course will change you and show you how to be comfortable stepping into your power! I was weak, lost and anxious….I stepped away in peace and clarity. I will never be the same.

    Sam B. in Vancouver, WA

    Susan Glavin is pure magic! The moment I met her my whole life shifted into a high speed awesome roller coaster. Her heart and her compassion is through the roof. Her brightness and her light is so inspiring. When she talks to you, she's able to pierce through the mud and see exactly what is ripe and ready to shift. I love her no BS approach so that you can get to where you want to be way faster.


    The way that her words and her energy beams positivity is also so contagious. She is definitely a strong leader in her field and I feel blessed to have experienced working with her every day! In just a short few months, I was able to have the confidence and love vibes to able to transform and shift my business into the direction that I had always dreamed. I truly believe she has a force field that heals, and all beings are super lucky to hang out with this rockstar Love Beam Goddess!

    Annie S. in Vancouver, WA

    Prior to doing Susan’s course I had suffered with stomach pain, after attending the course I have not had a stomach ache since. I had not even mentioned this issue at the seminar!


    Susan and her colleague also did follow-up conference calls with all of the seminar attendees. On one such call, they both used the time to help me with a serious health issue that I had suffered with for many years. The very next morning, I could not believe it - my health had improved dramatically! And I am still doing well today.


    Recently, without my husband’s knowledge, I asked Susan if she would say a healing prayer for him. He had been experiencing a sharp pain in his side for a week. After she finished, I rejoined my husband, and the first thing he said to me was, “It was the oddest thing, my side all of a sudden quit hurting.”

    Susan is magical, she’s inspirational, and she can fill anyone with hope of a better life.

    Linda W. in CA

    Being in Susan's presence in a women's circle for a year was truly a revelation. She brings so much joy, depth, compassion, magic and humor to every session. She inspired us, honored us, listened to us and shared spiritual and practical knowledge that uplifted us and motivated us to be our best selves. I learned so much from her. Love you Susan!

    Liz M. in Vancouver, WA

    Before I attended Susan's gathering, I knew a lot of shit. Or, I thought I knew a lot of shit. Thing was, even though I worked hard on it, my life wasn't lining up the way I had hoped. By allowing myself to show up to our Circle, I found my inner light. The part of me who was afraid to speak my Truth came ALIVE, and I have not been the same since. My world is more colorful and magical.

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