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Powerful Daily Invocation

I wanted you to have this powerful invocation that woke me up at 4am in the morning...although I didn't want to get up at that time of the day, the information was so juicy good I had to wake up and write it down, so I could send to you! ENJOY!

Powerful Daily Invocation

I am the divine in form, I honor my physical body as I am led to my greatest destiny.

Each moment of my life is a brilliant gift that is unfolding with purpose and grace.

Abundant wealth is my divine birth right and I give of that endless flow of abundance generously.

My thought, my words, my actions are in alignment with my high holy essence.

Joy is my nature,

Love is my offering,

Laughter is my song.

I am here to experience the fullness of life and am grateful for each breath given me.

I rest in the knowing that my life is fully expressed in service to the "One and all."

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It is done, it is done, it is done, and so it is!

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